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Wall Coverings

Our Wall Coverings wall may lead you to a place of calm beauty or possibly diverts you to kids' textured wallpaper patterns for rapidly turning childish. The excellent quality of these coverings makes them simple to install on any wall in your house.

BOPP Packing Tapes

A pressure-sensitive, water-based acrylic emulsion coating is available on our BOPP Packing Tapes. These tapes are made with internally produced adhesive that has been specifically designed for the greatest quality in terms of tack, peel, and shear strength.

Binder Clips

We provide steel binder clips that are simple to hold, corrosion-proof, have a black/silver color scheme, and are composed of high-quality material for durability. These handy handles that pop up for hanging are used to clip stray papers together to keep them nice and organized.

Foam Tape

These are a very flexible product that can be quickly modified to fit a variety of conditions and applications across many industries. In cases when two surfaces are untextured or uneven, foam tape is typically employed. These can firmly stick to surfaces.


Glue Stick

These are the instruments used to bind various items together. It is employed by lots of people to remedy various issues. These are an efficient, simple, and tidy approach to connect items. You must choose the appropriate glue stick for the task at hand while utilizing a glue gun.



Lamination Rolls

Choose from a choice of lengths, thicknesses, and finishes when purchasing Roll Laminate Film here. In both hot and cold laminators, lamination rolls are used to protect your papers against contaminants such as moisture, dirt, fingerprints, fading, and ripping.


Masking Tape

With a hot-melt glue applied to one side, masking tape is a spherical, continuous sheet of polyurethane foam. The tape is readily inserted into door jambs and sealing, top hats, compartments, and every other opening in the body of the car thanks to its porous composition.

Non Woven Fabric

One of the many advantages of Non Woven Fabric is its resilience. Other advantages include improved absorbency, washability, and bacterial prevention. Additionally, these materials may be made to improve certain qualities like liquid repellent activity, impact strength, heat resistance, electromagnetic shielding, and thermal.


OHP Sheets

OHP Sheets are what we provide, and they work great for adorning desserts as well as other displays. You may protect the cake with these sheets without causing any damage. These are also easily peelable from the cake. They are hard to break and long-lasting.



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